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Baby Soap (Organic Castille Soap)

Baby Soap (Organic Castille Soap)


Castile Soap originated in the 1600s in Spain and is considered the first hard soap. It was reserved for royalty because of its mildness and effectiveness. We've recreated this soap for your baby! This pure organic bar weighs between 1-2 ounces is handmade and hand-cut to small bars which are the perfect size for a little baby. We've stayed true to the Castile method and used mostly Olive Oil and a bit of Coconut Oil for lather. (100% Olive Oil bar creates a slimy lather. ) This bar is completely organic and the most gentle thing you can use to clean your baby's skin.

Our bars are cured for 4-6 weeks and are made with the finest ingredients. We use the superfat method for baby soaps which means we use the least amount of lye possible. It makes a softer and gentler bar.

Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Lye.