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Bambu® Baby's Fork & Spoon (12m+)

Bambu® Baby's Fork & Spoon (12m+)


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This gorgeous little bamboo cutlery set hits the mark on plastic free sustainability whilst being soft and safe for our most precious little people.  So cute, they make a great gift too.


A fork and spoon set made from USDA certified organic bamboo and finished with a certified organic food-safe oil 

Approx 11 cm, these are best suited for around 12 mths upwards

Dishwasher safe but we recommend washing by hand to prolong life.  


It's easy to have a lot of plastic baby cutlery in our house! But these were pre-loved and passed on to us and this is a great way of using existing plastic wisely. However when buying something new, we want to prevent new plastic being made which is why we discovered these lovely sets and fell in love with them straight away.

You'll know we are huge fans of bamboo, which is fast growing and is harvested time and time again from the the same plant, which is cut down and allowed to regrow.  With natural antibacterial properties it makes it perfect for something designed to be put in babies mouths time and again.  These are a huge hit in our house and those of our friends too. 

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