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Cult + King: Dry Shampoo
Cult + King: Dry Shampoo
Cult + King: Dry Shampoo
Cult + King: Dry Shampoo
Cult + King: Dry Shampoo
Cult + King: Dry Shampoo

Cult + King: Dry Shampoo


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Cult+King®  HAIR POWDER DARK | net wt. 1.6 oz. | 45 g  | Aluminum Shaker

Natural, talc-free, non-aerosol, silky dry shampoo. Dark for brunettes levels 1- 6. Light for blondes level 7-12.

What’s the most harmful thing we regularly do to our hair? Wash it in water with its damaging pH level. Thankfully hair powder allows us to prolong the time between washes for an extra couple of days every week. But reading the ingredient list on your average dry shampoo makes water sound like the least of our worries. Why are there so many noxious-sounding substances in dry shampoo? And why do dry shampoos have to leave your hair dull, flat, matted, and sticky with a white residue?

We’re here to change all that with CULT+KING Hair Powder, a natural, talc-free, non-aerosol, silky dry shampoo.

• Absorbs oil, sweat and odor.
• Leaves hair soft and manageable.
• Adds a little volume, and a light clean scent.
• Your hairstyle holds a little better and a little longer too.
• For all hair types.
• Safe for colored and chemically treated hair.

Best used on clean hair to start absorbing oils and treat scalp immediately. Apply to dry hair after your wet styling products. Continue with dry styling and finishing products. Great for upstyles or any style to give hair a silky grit and control.

The next day or as touch-ups are needed, apply Hair Powder first before hair spray or other finishing products. Shake liberally through roots and scalp, brushing through to distribute. A quick blast with the blow dryer will take care of any left-over powder. Will it break down and remove styling product already your hair? No, just the oil, sweat and odor.

Usually dry shampoo creates dullness, but ours doesn’t. May take a little getting used to but as you brush you will see the root hair that’s separated/stranded/roped by oils disperse all the while staying shiny Nobody likes dull hair.

Ingredients (most to least)

*Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Powder
*Manihot esculenta (Arrowroot) Powder
Kaolin Clay (CI 77004)
Zinc Oxide
Mica (CI 77019)
Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Water Powder
**100% Natural Essential Oils & Naturally-Derived Materials for Fragrance
*Zea mays (Corn) Starch
*Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Root
*Rosa damascena (Rose) Petal Powder
Illite (Dark Brown Cocoa) Clay

*denotes organic ingredient

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