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Copper Cleaning Sponge (2)

Copper Cleaning Sponge (2)


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These are a bit tougher than that Copper Clothes and are great for those really tough ovens or pots and pans. Fine copper threads clean thoroughly and remove even the toughest stuck-on food, yet are gentle enough for use on most cookware, glass, enamel, stoves and sinks without scratching. Durable double-layer cloths release burned foods from cookware and scrub kitchen sinks gleaming clean.

High-quality, long-lasting cloths are great for everything from polishing rust off silverware to cleaning the chrome on your automobile. The 100% recyclable copper threads are earth-friendly and clean up easily in the washing machine at 140°F. Do not use on nonstick surfaces. 

  • Removes persistent food without scratching most surfaces
  • Great for scrubbing pots, pans, stoves, sinks, glass, high-grade steel and even automobiles
  • Double-layered for added strength
  • Earth-friendly cloths are 100% recyclable
  • Do not use on Teflon or similar nonstick surfaces
  • Made in Netherlands