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Safety Razor - Slant Bar Dark Metal - Rough Wood

Safety Razor - Slant Bar Dark Metal - Rough Wood


Dark colored rough grained hand-turned wood made in Sacramento, CA from reclaimed wood found at various construction sites. Made exclusively for Nudge. 

This razor has a two ring bottom.

Slant Bar razors offer: 

  • Closer Shave –  Due to the angle of the blade and the resulting slicing action, most gents find that the slant bar produces a shave that’s closer than a standard safety razor
  • Fewer Passes – It stands to reason that if the slant bar is providing you a closer shave, your beard reduction will be quicker, reducing your need to lather up more times than necessary.
  • A Lighter Touch – Even lighter than a standard safety razor, because the slant bar razor cuts so well, very little pressure is needed for maximum results.
  • Good For Sensitive Skin – This point may seem a bit contradictory for an aggressive razor, but as indicated in the above point, a lighter touch means less contact and less irritation. Furthermore, although a slant bar razor is generally considered to be more aggressive than a closed comb, because fewer passes are needed, you have a greater chance of lessening the symptoms of sensitive skin.