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Stainless Steel (Square) Lunch Box (2.5 Layer)

Stainless Steel (Square) Lunch Box (2.5 Layer)

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With 3 stackable  layers, this Stainless Steel Food Container allows you to carry a small 2-course meal in one convenient hand-carry. It is perfect for a snacks or a full meal.


  • – 3 Stackable layers
  • – Only food grade stainless steel. No linings. No toxins. No BPA.
  • – Easy-to-clean, virtually unbreakable, resists stains and rust, and lasts forever.
  • – Refill your containers over and over, save money and add zero waste to landfills.


Highest quality 202 stainless steel


Square: 5.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches long by 3 inches tall

Rectangle: 4.7 inches wide by 7.1 inches long by 3.5 inches tall


1 lb


To clean your Container, simply handwash or place in the dishwasher. Won’t stain or rust.