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All-Purpose Dishcloth, set of 2

All-Purpose Dishcloth, set of 2

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Rather than settle for paper towels or reusable cloths made from bleached cellulose and synthetic materials, we went back to nature to develop a truly green solution for all-around cleaning. After two years of design, testing, and stripping away all unnecessary materials, we created the All-Purpose Dishcloth. It’s 100% plant-based, USDA Biobased certified, compostable and handmade. Free of plastics, chemicals, and crafted from a blend of hemp, organic cotton, and nothing more. This is the ideal tool for cleaning countertops, dishware, and stainless appliances. And it’s especially great for cleaning glass and windows with a streak-free finish.

Because it’s made from a blend of tightly woven, 100% organic materials, this all-purpose cloth can last a lifetime. While it might feel stiff at first, give it a few washes and watch it get better as the years go by.

We believe that the small details count. This is why every material in our dishcloth is renewable and plant-based, from the fabric to the cotton thread– and even the logo label. 

    Our new cleaning collection was two years in the making