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Kese Loofahs

Kese Loofahs

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Exfoliating Mitts (kese) are a tradition dating back to 14th century Turkish communal bath houses to help refresh the body by effectively removing dry skin and stimulating renewal.

This is a pre-cleansing ritual, never use soap or oils with your kese.  

Relax in a hot steamy environment for 5 to 10 minutes (bath, shower, sauna or steam bath if you are lucky).  This will soften dead skin cells, making them easier to remove.

Wet the kese mitt with hot water  and with your hand inside, begin rubbing one section of the body at a time with long slow strokes up and down (not in circles).  After a few strokes you should begin to see skin sloughing off.  Do not overwork an area (no more than 10 strokes) and adjust stroke pressure to your comfort.  Move from arms to feet/legs to torso, do not use this body kese on the face.

This is a weekly or monthly ritual as needed based on the seasonal dryness of your skin.  Take your time... after a few weeks your skin will feel amazing.  No matter how tempting, do not overwork your skin with aggressive pressure or strokes, this is a subtle tool and your skin deserves the time and care required. 

The Bark Kese come in a variety of colors that are all muted. If you have any questions about colors or stock, send us a note or call!