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Floss Picks

Floss Picks


That’s right no plastic. These strong picks are made of corn starch not plastic. They feel the same but are oh so not!

One box in each order, with 30 picks in each box. 

  • The floss is bamboo charcoal biodegradable polyester to help whiten your teeth. We're working with the makers to find out more detail about the material as it has changed since we first began working with them.
  • Infused in your floss is all-natural grape fruit seed extract (GSE) to deliver bacteria fighting properties directly to the bugs that cause gingivitis.
  • Knotty picks will leave you feeling fresh with its minty flavor.
  • These vegan picks will naturally biodegrade back into the earth.
  • Comes in a plastic free paper box with clear wrap window....not plastic, vegetable!