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Lip Balm (Bai-Li)
Lip Balm (Bai-Li)
Lip Balm (Bai-Li)
Lip Balm (Bai-Li)

Lip Balm (Bai-Li)

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Bai-li's plastic free packaging is made from cardboard, biodegradable labels & ships in a 100% recycled padded mailer!

*coconut oil, candelilla wax, *jojoba oil, & essential oil

*certified organic

Tips and Tricks

1. Lightly press your thumb in a circular motion around the inner edge of the bottom on the tube. This will help work the deodorant up without force and evenly.

2. If your lip balm pushed up too high, tap the bottom of the tube on a surface until it starts to ease back down.

3. Do not leave your lip balm in a hot car. It is oil based & will melt.

4. Try our lip balm on other chapped areas of your body for moisture. 

5. Our tube is biodegradable. Please give it back to the earth, recycle or reuse it for your own homemade products!