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Coffee and Spice Grinder Lid

Coffee and Spice Grinder Lid


This manual crank adjustable grinder is perfect for anyone who loves coffee and loves the convenience of mason jars! The cup, lid, and handle are made of stainless steel and the grinder is ceramic, allowing you to grind your coffee straight into the jar and also grinds hard spices like peppercorns. It does not work well with soft spices, flax seeds, or nuts.

A perfect gift for the coffee geek, for camping, power outages or that off-grid living you're doing!

The grinding mechanism is a ceramic burr. Clean by grinding uncooked white rice.

1 lid per order, jar not included.

The grinder will come set to a very fine grind. To adjust the grind size:
Remove the gold nut, the handle, and the round piece under the handle.
Now screw the gear shaped piece up and down the threaded rod. You will see the 2 pieces of the grinder moving closer or farther apart.