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Moroccan Beldi Ceramic Cup

Moroccan Beldi Ceramic Cup


In Morocco, the word beldi gets tossed around effortlessly and endlessly. It’s not a material or region, of an era or from a specific town. Rather, beldi means traditional, local, and artisan-made - as opposed to roumi, or modern and industrial.

These come from Verve Culture, a small, women's-owned family business that partners with artisan makers.

Hand-dipped Cups

Morocco’s four pottery centers are each known by the color of the clay they produce. The red clay used to form these little soldiers is produced in Wadi Lan, where the rich, cardinal soil is ideal for terra cotta production. Artisans dry the cups in the sun, fire, glaze and then fire them again in outdoor kilns. 

Glossy Posse

Glazed in red, the lacquer and clay material insulate both hot and cold contents equally well. Perfect for mint tea, cocktails, or even water, beldi cups add a rustic touch to dinner parties and garden soirees. Plus, a glass of wine in a beldi cup? Instant Incognito Mode that your customers will LOVE!


We recommend to hand-wash due to the porous nature of the terracotta. It is normal to see fine feathering cracks in the glaze.

Size: At this time, we're just caring the large cup pictured. 

Large Cup: 5" tall / 2.25" base diameter / 3" top diameter / capacity: 12 fl oz