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Pod Refill - Floor Cleaner

Pod Refill - Floor Cleaner

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Based in San Diego, CA, Podsy has reinvented the way we think of cleaning. Liquid cleaners are 80-85% water...which means you're paying for the jug and the weight! These refill pods are easy; just drop in a pod, add water, shake & spray.

Each bag has 4 pods, equaling 64 oz of simple and effective floor cleaning power. You create your own Ready-To-Use Bathroom Cleaner in under 2 minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional Ready-To-Use Cleaners

Great for use on hard, washable, nonporous flooring including sealed hardwood, tile, ceramic tile, porcelain glazed tile, Pergo®, glass, vinyl, Formica®, linoleum, laminate*, natural stone (marble, granite, travertine, slate, and concrete).

This is "Easy Lemon Squeezy" Scent

What's Included: * 4 Floor Cleaning Pods * 1 Child-Resistant Resealable Pouch

The Podsy formula is: * Free of toxic chemicals like ammonia, bleach, phosphates, phthalates, parabens, pesticides, formaldehyde and endocrine disruptors * Child and pet safe when diluted as directed * Vegan, soy, gluten and nut free formula * Green Seal Certified

Made in United States of America