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Roll-on Perfume (Hippie Scent)

Roll-on Perfume (Hippie Scent)


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Synthetic "fragrance" is one of the most toxic items in the beauty industry. It can be composed of up to 1000 items in that little word. This is a huge problem for people with allergies because all of the items included in "fragrance" aren't listed.

We've come up with our favorite organic essential oil blends to be used in place of chemical-laden perfumes. These smell just as good but are actually healthy for you! Each essential oil not only smells wonderful but provides health benefits as well.

This Harmony blend is a wonderfully sultry and balanced blend. Made with a deep blend of vanilla absolut, lavender and patchouli suspended in organic jojoba oil which is the closest oil to our own natural sebum. This oil sinks in very quickly and will last a long time. With organic chamomile, rose petals and lavender flowers suspended in the oil, it's not only beautiful but healing too!