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Salad Servers (Round)

Salad Servers (Round)


These olive wood utensils are almost 12" long and not only feature a particularly attractive grain, but are also extremely hard due to the slow growth of the wood. The high oil content makes it water-repellent, non-slip and supple. Our olive wood products are exclusively oiled with no further treatment. Please do not put them in the dishwasher or use hard scouring pads on them! Instead, wash and dry them after use in order to preserve the beauty of the wood. Rub with regular olive or sunflower oil every now and then, and allow to dry.

Bearing the natural markings characteristic of olive wood and enhanced by the oiling and polishing process, each piece will be unique. Olive wood is extremely durable due to its slow growth; the high oil content, plus additional final oiling process, ensures it is water repellent, so ideal for kitchen and dining products.

Please care for this product by washing only by hand in warm water; do not scour or scrub, dry thoroughly and rub with olive oil occasionally to keep in perfect condition.