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Smudge Set

Smudge Set


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This bundle includes a 2-ounce unbleached muslin bag containing one charcoal burning disk, organic white sage, organic calendula, organic frankincense resin, and organic rose petals. Burn a small amount of the sage blend on top of the charcoal disk and experience purification, relaxation and energy cleansing.

NOTE** Burn charcoal disk on top of a burning plate that can withstand heat as it gets very hot. If you would like to prolong use, you may cut the charcoal disk into halves or quarters.

Fan the blend around your space to cleanse negative energy and uplift mood. A fanned hand or feather can be used to move the smoke around the space. Be sure to open windows and/or doors and fan the smoke around the room focusing on corners.

Set also includes a 4.5" raw selenite wand that aids in cleansing the space.