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TSK Kokum Meringue Body Butter

TSK Kokum Meringue Body Butter


Brighten, tone & even out hyperpigmentation with our signature Kokum Meringue Body Balm. Many customers use this for brightening and smoothing their tattoos. 

I recommend this balm as first choice to those suffering from dry skin, eczema, scarring and dark spots. A 3 butter blend of Avocado, Kokum and Mango delivers intense all day moisture while Rosehip & lemongrass work together to tone, brighten and even out your complexion. This does not contain shea butter or coconut oil making it a lightweight recipe okay for facial application in small amounts. A little bit goes a very long way.

Use this all natural balm to aid in the relief of itchy skin, dryness and chafing and pair with any natural soap bar for optimal results.