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TSK Kokum Meringue Body Butter

TSK Kokum Meringue Body Butter


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Brighten, tone & even out hyperpigmentation with our signature Kokum Meringue Body Balm. Many customers use this for brightening and smoothing their tattoos. 

I recommend this balm as first choice to those suffering from dry skin, eczema, scarring and dark spots. A 3 butter blend of Avocado, Kokum and Mango delivers intense all day moisture while Rosehip & lemongrass work together to tone, brighten and even out your complexion. This does not contain shea butter or coconut oil making it a lightweight recipe okay for facial application in small amounts. A little bit goes a very long way.

Use this all natural balm to aid in the relief of itchy skin, dryness and chafing and pair with any natural soap bar for optimal results. 

Sometimes, the lids will come as plastic instead of metal, based on the maker's inventory at the time. Message us if you have any questions!