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TSK Shampoo Bar

TSK Shampoo Bar


Finally, a Calendula Infused RoseMary & Honey Conditioning Shampoo bar!

This recipe starts with base oils of extra virgin Olive oil , Sunflower and Sweet almond with a hefty sprinkling of organic Calendula Petals to start the infusion process. Calendula is very beneficial to the skin and scalp, calming inflammation and reducing dryness and flaking. This infusion is combined with organic Mango Butter for moisture, Tea Tree, Rosemary & Neem oil to assist in relieving itchy scalp, increasing blood circulation to the scalp and ridding the hair of bacteria and fungus naturally.

This shampoo bar adheres to the company's mission to avoid plastics and wastes that are harmful to our planet, oceans and wildlife. An all natural, solid alternative, this shampoo bar was formulated with curly and African textured hair in mind. It is an active cleanser, sure to get the hair extremely clean, but does not strip away the natural oils and sebum our body produces to keep the scalp healthy. 

The result is well moisturized, shiny hair as the cuticles along the hair shaft lays flat. It is almost guaranteed that you will have noticeable strength, length retention and moisture that lasts without the piling up of other commercial products day to day. This has become my favorite item in the shop and for myself and the manageability of my hair. 

This solid alternative is sure to last longer than your commercial bottled shampoo. These are cut in large 7.5oz hand held chunks due to last for 4 months or longer. I recommend cutting small slices and saving the rest for later and using a slice at a time. Each slice can last a month when washing 1x per week as recommended. Want to know more? Visit the blog on the home page.


ingredients : calendula infused extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, Distilled water, Mango Seed Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, *Essential oil blend, Neem Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, organic calendula petals, castor oil, honey.